Finally a monument!

At the request of our Foundation, the Lubuski Provincial Conservator of Monuments initiated proceedings for the entry of historical greenery at the junction of ul. Folwarczna and ul. Sportowa in Słubice to the register of monuments of the Lubuskie Voivodeship.

It is an area that in the years 1927-1945 was the greenery of the former main entrance to the stadium complex in Słubice, then the Ostmark-Stadium in Frankfurt (Oder). The designers of the foundation were the city construction counselor Otto Morgenschweis (1869-1944) and a distinguished landscape architect from Wiesbaden, Friedrich Wilhelm Hirsch (1887-1957).

In the immediate vicinity of the trees there was the Sportplatz-Restaurant owned by Johannes Falbe and tennis courts with wooden auxiliary architecture, used mainly as changing rooms for players.

The latest entry covers a total of 70 trees: 11 London plane trees, 10 sessile oaks and 49 Italian poplars, and their protection is linear. In the event of the death of selected trees, the owner will be obliged to replace plantings, maintaining the historical layout of the main plane-oak alley and accompanying rows.

The initiator of the entry and, at the same time, one of the parties to the procedure for over a year was the Foundation for Rescuing Monuments and Natural Monuments in Poznań, and the coordinator of activities on its behalf – the social guardian of monuments, Roland Semik. In May 2020, an appeal to the Mayor of Słubice and the Provincial Office for the Protection of Monuments for better protection for this greenery was issued, among others, by Tomasz Aniśko, PhD, Member of the Polish Parliament, a greenery architect by profession. The Association for the Revitalization and Development of Democracy “Kontrapunkt” in Słubice and its representative mgr inż. Adrian Mermer. He made a social inventory of all the trees of the original establishment.