about us

Saving the Past for the Future

The Foundation for the Preservation of Historic and Natural Monuments was created in 1995. It is an Polish NGO brought into being so that historic buildings could live on, not obliterated as relics of the past or as poignant memories lingering only in fictional or academic descriptions. Our target area is Poland and Central and East European countries.

We are a nongovernment organization operating under the provisions of the Foundation Act of 6 April 1984 and on the basis of an entry in the register kept by the District Court for the Capital City of Warsaw of 7 November 1995. The foundation was listed as a public benefit organization on the 4th of July 2005, which in effect allowed it to receive 1% of taxpayers’ income tax transferred to the organization.

Our main activities extend to:

  • Direct funding of collapse proofing and repair works.
  • Rendering legal and administrative assistance to owners of monuments.
  • Intervening with authorities and institutions whenever a monument is on the brink of collapse as a result of its owner’s negligence and failure to conduct repairs. We are currently carrying out 5 projects of this type, the most advanced of which is a castle saving action in Ratno Dolne, Kłodzko County and Palace in Otok.
  • Carrying out an analysis of existing legislation in terms of cohesion and effectiveness in regard to monuments as a project undertaken by our legal team for 2014.
  • Undertaking trusteeship of any building in order to rescue it from owners on condition they can’t afford its maintenance.
  • Facilitating sale and brokerage in transactions of historic real estate provided the change of ownership ensures monument’s rescue.
  • Promoting the idea of monuments’ protection on our web page and 17 Facebook profiles dedicated to specific monuments or regions.


Support our actions to save Monuments in Poland!

We would not have been able to be so active, if it had not been for the financial support of many people. Please help us save, secure and protect beautiful manor houses, castles, cemeteries, mills and many others witnesses of history. 

If you can support our activity, please make a donation!

Name: Fundacja Ratowania Zabytków i Pomników Przyrody

Bank: Bank PEKAO S.A.

US Dollars (USD):  PKO PPL PW PL87 1240 1747 1787 0010 5233 7832
EUR:  PKO PPL PW PL13 1240 1747 1978 0010 5233 7568
Polish Zloty (PLN):  74 1240 1747 1111 0000 1848 9897

Our statement: We are since 1995 a non-profit and NGO organization – we act to save historic buildings not make money on them!