Foundation for the Preservation of historic and natural monuments

Saving the Past for the Future

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We are a non-governmental and non-profit organisation based in Poland and dedicated to the protection and rescue of historic monuments. In November 2021 we celebrated 26 years of activity, in which we contributed to preservation of numerous endangered objects and sites.




Here a short read on how we work


First, to avoid any misunderstandings, we would like to make clear that the essence of our activities is not providing subsidies for renovation, but undertaking various efforts to motivate owners to either protect their buildings – or sell them to investors who appreciate old architecture. 


The joint efforts of lawyers, administrative specialists, historians, experts in various fields, journalists, civil servants, local government officials and locals usually leads to a satisfying outcome for everyone. 


We strongly believe that caring is acting, but even though our modus operandi is very time and cost effective, it typically takes 3 to 5 years to get the first protective works underway.


Barely a week goes by without more monuments being reported to us as requiring intervention. We would very much like to be able to address all queries – the only obstacle to undertake rescue actions is the lack of necessary budget.



If you’d like to support our efforts, we’d be most grateful for a donation, which can be received in EUR, USD and PLN.


NAME: Fundacja Ratowania Zabytków i Pomników Przyrody 


IBAN EUR: PKO PPL PW PL13 1240 1747 1978 0010 5233 7568.

IBAN USD: PKO PPL PW PL87 1240 1747 1787 0010 5233 7832


IBAN PLN: 74 1240 1747 1111 0000 1848 9897


Our statement: 
Since 1995 we have been a non-profit NGO – and we really we act to save historic buildings, not to profit from them!I